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Makeover Registration

We are so excited to announce our three finalists for the Lowcountry Extreme Makeover! The three ladies are:
Erin Welk, Cameron Craft & Vada Love.

Read more about our Winners

The 30 day challenge will begin on Monday, Jan 7 and will end at the Charleston’s Women’s Show, February 9th and 10th, where the ladies will be revealed.

Sponsors of the challenge are Max Muscle, FitnessBOOM, Lowcountry Plastic Surgery & Vanity Salon.

Our three finalists–Erin, Cameron and Vada–will be posting on our Mount Pleasant Magazine FaceBook page about their progress for the next thirty days! You can read their posts after LIKING our page if you look under the “Recent Posts by Others” box off to the right of the page. We are SO proud of them already!

Thanks for reading Mount Pleasant Magazine.

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