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Bella Forza: Becoming Beautifully Strong

The Mind and Body Sculpting Studio

BELLA FORZA – Beautiful strength – is the best description for this “mind and body sculpting studio” tucked behind The Village Playhouse at 730 Coleman Blvd.

Owner Taylor Morris, with an education in pre-med and business administration, training as an EMT and experience in cancer research and biotech sales, has the tools to make Bella Forza Studios a successful alternative to gyms and spas.

Taylor wanted a space where instructors were teaching instead of exercising in front of a group. The studio is decorated with empowering messages, not with reminders of how much weight clients have to lose but of how much is gained by being in touch with their own bodies.

Taylor finds teachers with a similar philosophy, such as Merissa Manley, instructor for Jivamukti Yoga. Her serenity is contagious. If entering the studio to hear a trickling waterfall, smell the essential oils of grapefruit wafting about and feel the warming moisturized air haven’t calmed you enough, her class will. Even yoga novices accomplish more than they expect under Merissa’s gentle guidance.

Bella Forza offers small classes of adult ballet, core barre, mat Pilates, Jivamukti yoga and Cage Fitness, which has nothing to do with cages – it’s five five minute rounds of strength and cardio training.

There is no membership, no shoes in the inner studio and a beautiful changing room. Sweating, while not required, is recommended. Men and women of all ages, sizes and shapes are welcome.

To learn more, visit www.bellaforzastudios.com.

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